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Roto Moulded Articles

Shipper Box

Innovatively designed with latest technology made from food grade virgin USDA/ FDA / EU approved polyethylene. Ideal for storage & transportation of frozen food, fish, meat, confectionaries, ice creams, fruits & vegetables, chilled beverages, dairy products & pharmaceutical products. Ensures freshness of contents over a long duration.

Ice Box

Used for storing chilled soft drinks, perishable items, snacks, pastries & frozen foods.

Capacities Available are 25, 50 & 60 Litres with & without Tap / Drain Cap & With & Without Vending Lid.


Esquire new generation roto moulded pallets are made out of Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) in one piece & hence durable, reusable and cost effective. They are designed for easy handling & transportation of goods within & outside the factory/ware house premises with little effort & labour. These are hygienic and bacteria free available with and without steel reinforcement incorporating durability high load carrying characteristics. Roto Moulded Pallets last long to give you value for money for years.

Milk Bin

Esquire is a familiar name in the Dairy Industry. We have recently launched Milk bins of virgin food grade LLDPE keeping in mind the requisites of the dairy farmers which are hygienic , Light-weight easy-to-wash & clean, superior designs characteristics and handling ability.

Garbage Bin

Esquire Garbage Bin are made of UV stabilized material for better durability and is a necessity today for hygienic life. Their superior design ensures easy installation, thereby facilitating their quick replacement and maintenance.